Bachelor of Computer Science
GPA: 94% (MATH+CS), Science Scholar
University of British Columbia
Sep 2022 - Apr 2025
BSc Finance Accounting and Management
First Class Honours, Dean's Scholarship
University of Nottingham
Jul 2021


Software Engineer Intern
Python, React, Redis
Boeing, Vancouver
Sep 2023 - Pres.
  • Developed a predictive maintenance alerting system for 20+ airlines using React and Python
  • Reduced request times by 3-10 seconds by increasing Redis caching hit rate
  • Implemented responsive UI using React and CSS for Business Intelligence product
Next.js, tRPC, Prisma, TypeScript
Sep 2023 - Pres.
  • Utilized tRPC, Zod and TypeScript to ensure even 100% runtime type safety
  • Wrote optimistic UI updates to provide a seamless user experience
  • Leveraged Vercel serverless edge function to speed up GPT API streaming
  • Designed CI/CD process to automate deployment and database migration
  • Used Tailwind and Framer Motion to create a smooth and interactive UI
Data Scientist
Python, ML, A/B Test
ByteDance/Tiktok, Beijing
Jul 2021 - Jul 2022
  • Wrote and launched a deep learning Python model to predict 30/180-day payments with an accuracy of 91%/80% respectively using players' 7-day data; Made Tableau Dashboard for results
  • Wrote ALS recommendation algorithm in Python to give players automated personalized game recommendations, helping to increase per capita playtime by 10%+
  • Designed AB tests to validate various assumptions of product managers and data science teams


React, Python, Scrapy
# Github Stars: 4
Mar 2024 - Pres.
  • Developed a open-source website for interactively visualizing real-time immigration data
  • Received 8,098 views on social media after posting it for just 1 day
  • Used Scrapy (Python) to scrape data, and React to visualize it and make it iteractive
Next.js, Tailwind
# Github Stars: 33
Sep 2023 - Pres.
  • Supported user to create their resume with React, and easily export it as pdf (like this resume)
  • Enhanced resume with React, featuring responsive/interactive design, dark mode, showing real-time API data, and even integrating GPT etc.


JavaScript, Python, C++, Java, Swift, SQL
PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Machine Learning, A/B Testing, Tableau